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Pizza tray file for cnc router – Fusion 360 files, STL, Dxf, 3MF, pdf by Agilemaking

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Pizza tray file for cnc router - Fusion 360 files, STL, Dxf, 3MF, pdf by Agilemaking. CNC Pizza Tray model, thoughtfully designed to enhance your culinary experience. With a generous 420mm diameter, this tray provides ample space for your pizzas, while the integrated 92mm rectangular handle ensures easy and secure maneuvering of your creations. Include your signature or logo on the handle for personalized gifts.

The package includes Fusion 360 files, STL, DXF, 3MF, and PDF formats, granting you flexibility in your choice of CNC router and software. Tailor the design to your preferences, adapting it to suit your unique style.

✨You will receive a Zip File with:
✔ 1 F3D file (Fusion 360 editable project)
✔ 1 3MF file
✔ 1 STL file
✔ 1 DXF file
✔ 1 PDF file

The final tray measures 420mm in diameter with a 92mm handle x 21 mm height

Upload or Import AgileMaking deliverables into your usual CAD/CAM design software. File Formats provided can be easily imported into most popular software such as VCarve, Aspire, Glowforge, Carveco, and Artcam. However, you will get more functionalities and edition capabilities with the Fusion 360 file: F3D.

The 3D print setup is easily configurable by using the Fusion 360 tools. Contact us if you may need any help.

IMPORTANT: By purchase, you will get a DIGITAL file and not a physical product. Your files will be available for download once payment is confirmed. Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. We are always happy to help customers though. Just email us.

LICENSE: Terms and conditions may apply. Check updated information at Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the shop.

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