On Sale!CNC files for unique chef chopping board- CNC files for wood routers. Fusion 360 and STL files, by Agilemaking Original price was: $3.49.Current price is: $3.14.

CNC files for unique chef chopping board- CNC files for wood routers. Fusion 360 and STL files, by Agilemaking

This CNC File package includes a.zip file with woodworking plans, vector files and 3d models for direct download:

Product Category: Digital File Set
Product Attributes: Files for CNC Machining/ 3D Printing
DXF File:Yes
STL File:Yes
3MF File:Yes
PDF File:Yes
F3D Source File:Yes

Digital product description:

This is a CNC file set for an original chopping board parametrically designed for CNC wood routers.
Includes: Fusion 360 editable parametric desing file, STL file (perfect for 3D printer imports), and DXF vector file (for laser cut profile). You will receive fully functional CNC digital design files along with your purchase.

40 cm x 25 cm x 1 in

Upload or Import AgileMaking deliverables into your usual CAD/CAM design software. File Format provided can be easily imported into most popular software such as VCarve, Aspire, Vcarve, Carveco, and Artcam. However, you will get more functionalities with the Fusion 360 file: F3D.


The laser cutting and 3D print setup is easily configurable by using the Fusion 360 tools.

IMPORTANT: By purchase, you will get a DIGITAL file and not a physical product. Your files will be available for download once payment is confirmed. Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. We are always happy to help customers though. Just email us.

LICENSE: Terms and conditions may apply. Check updated information at Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the shop.

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Get Answers to Common Questions:

What are CNC files? CNC files are digital files used to control CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. They contain instructions that guide the machine's movements to cut, shape, or engrave materials with precision. These files come in various formats, such as F3D, STL, DXF, and PDF, each serving different purposes and compatible with different software.
What is a F3D file and how is it used? A F3D file is a 3D model file created with Autodesk Fusion 360. It contains detailed 3D geometry and design information. F3D files are used for complex CNC machining projects and can be edited, manipulated, and optimized within Fusion 360 before being sent to the CNC machine for production.
What is an STL file and how is it used? An STL file is a standard file format used for 3D printing and CNC machining. It contains information about the 3D surface geometry of a model without color or texture. STL files are widely used for 3D printing and can be imported into various CNC software for further processing and toolpath creation.
What is a DXF file and how is it used? A DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) file is a vector file format developed by Autodesk for CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings. DXF files contain 2D or 3D vector data and are commonly used for CNC cutting, engraving, and routing. They are compatible with many CNC machines and design software.
What is a PDF file used for in CNC machining? A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is often used for documentation purposes, such as schematics, assembly instructions, or design blueprints. While PDFs are not directly used by CNC machines, they are useful for sharing and viewing design specifications and project details before machining.
How do I open and use CNC files with Fusion 360? To use CNC files with Fusion 360: - **Import the File:** Open Fusion 360 and use the "Upload" or "Import" feature to load the CNC file into the workspace. - **Edit the Design:** Make any necessary adjustments or modifications to the model. - **Generate Toolpaths:** Use Fusion 360's CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) module to create and simulate toolpaths. - **Export the File:** Save or export the toolpaths and design in a format compatible with your CNC machine.
Can I customize CNC files for different projects? Yes, CNC files can be customized based on your project requirements. Formats like F3D and STL files allow for extensive modifications in design software such as Fusion 360. You can resize, reshape, or alter the design to fit different materials, dimensions, or specific project needs.
What software can I use to work with CNC files? Common software used for working with CNC files includes: - **Fusion 360:** For creating, editing, and generating toolpaths from 3D models (F3D files). - **AutoCAD:** For designing and working with 2D vector files (DXF files). - **Carveco:** For creating detailed 2D and 3D designs and toolpaths, often used for engraving and intricate work. - **ArtCAM:** For artistic and detailed engraving projects, offering a wide range of design tools and features. - **VCarve:** For creating and editing 2D and 3D toolpaths, widely used for routing and carving projects. - **Cura or PrusaSlicer:** For preparing 3D models (STL files) for 3D printing. - **Adobe Acrobat:** For viewing and sharing design documents (PDF files).
Where can I find CNC files for different applications? CNC files can be found on various online platforms, including: - **Design Marketplaces:** Websites like Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory for STL files. - **CAD Libraries:** Autodesk's online resources or similar platforms for F3D and DXF files. - **Specialized CNC File Providers:** Online stores and suppliers offering specific CNC file types and designs.
When should I use each type of CNC file format? - **F3D Files:** Use for complex 3D designs and machining with Fusion 360. - **STL Files:** Use for 3D printing and simple 3D machining. - **DXF Files:** Use for 2D cutting, engraving, and routing. - **PDF Files:** Use for documentation, blueprints, and project specifications.
Why is it important to choose the correct CNC file format? Choosing the correct CNC file format is important because it ensures compatibility with your CNC machine and software, allows for accurate execution of the design, and minimizes errors. Using the right format for your project type helps achieve the desired results and improves overall efficiency and precision in the machining process.
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